What is EPIC Card?

Electors Photo Identity Card

EPIC card is none other than your own Voter ID Card. The EPIC card is a must for all the Indian citizen as the a right to cast vote and it is mandatory by the Government of India. But, now you should know that both them are the same. The acronym EPIC is the common amongst the government officials.

It is the essential duty of the government to provide its citizen the right to vote. And the government’s duty is to ensure that each of the voters gets the provision of casting their vote in the appropriate constituency. The vital role is to conduct the vote in a systematic way. The EPIC card scheme was first introduced in Sikkim in 1979. After that, the government of India took the initiative to implement the EPIC all over the Country.

The Election Commissioner of India follows a protocol and according to the rules there are certain minimum eligibility criteria for application of EPIC card.

Apply for an EPIC or Voter ID card

First the citizens of India have to ensure that they meet all the eligibility criteria prior to the application for an EPIC card.

Official enumerators visit door to door to begin the registration process to make the electoral list. The official application form no 6 can also be filled up by an individual and can be submitted to the electoral registration officer.

Again the technological advancements have made the registration process for the voters easy. Online application portal is available for the registration of Voter ID card or EPIC Card. To get enrolled for the EPIC card, necessary documents are needed to be uploaded to the online portal. Photographs and the residential address proof are necessary to file for the EPIC card online.

The important things to note about EPIC cards

The EPIC card is essential; because a voter needs the EPIC card when the polls are being conducted.

It is the essential document needed for identification at the polling station.
Just getting yourself an EPIC card doesn’t ensure that you have the right to cast your vote. Your name must come up with the electoral list .

If EPIC card losts:

you need to lodge a diary at the nearest police station. Then apply again for a duplicate EPIC card at the electoral office in your district.
Guidance regarding the application procedures for the new and duplicate EPIC card; is available in the online portal of the Election Commissioner of India.

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