Adhar card print out online

With the government working hard to make the adhar card or the unique identification code of twelve digits available to all the residents of India, here comes the easiest way to download them online. Here are the simplest way to get in touch with the adhar card. The good news is that you doesnt have to wait for the adhar cards to arrive at home by post. You can get it printed in case you need it in the case of an emergency. Thus, the process of getting access to your important document is quite easier now.

Advantages of printing the adhar card online:

There are a few good reasons to justify that the online availability of adhar cards

You can get adhar card print out online as soon as a text message arrives on your own mobile number. So, you will not have to wait for the postman to deliver them to your doorstep. If you are in an emergency to submit the documents, you can simply go to the online portal and download whatever is needed.

In case of loss or damage to your adhar card, you can always get a new one from the print outs. Losing important documents may be a problem, but not in the case of adhar cards. In fact, you will need your secret code to download them online. And above all, you can download it as many times you want.
How can you download the adhar form online?

You need to follow just a few simple steps to download the adhar card forms online.

Go to the online portal and enter the particulars including the pin name and a few other particulars.
You can also get a good access to it in case you have already got the adhar card number.
This online downloading feature that adhar card provides is called e-adhar
Next, you will receive a One Time Pin Password on your mobile. This is highly confidential, and you must make sure that no other person has access to it.
Once you successfully get into the system with the pin, you will easily find the download option. All you need to do is to go and follow the process step by step so that you face no hitch in downloading the online adhar cards.
If you have lost the adhar card number:

Even if you have lost the adhar card along with its number, still, there is a way out in order to make you connected to the online download. You need to enter your other details and follow the step-by-step procedure, as instructed in order to get your adhar card online. This availability of adhar cards online has not only made the process of getting them easy and hassle-free, but you can get it any time you wish to. Thus, you must think yourself to be lucky with the document just a few clicks away from you.

How to check UID status by name

The need for Aadhar card is increasingly being felt and the Government too, with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), is keen on making the Aadhar cards for each and every citizen of the nation. If you are an Aadhar cardholder, it is fine. But if you are not, here is a bit of useful information for you. First of all, you must realize that the Aadhar card is a very important document and must not neglect your need for it. After all, it is a unique identity for all the people of the country, from the kids to the olds. Hence, you must take an active initiative to get your card made as soon as possible.

Check aadhar card status

Why do you need to check the status?

Normally, it has been observed that the time taken to make a card varies between three to four months. Sometimes you can get it even faster. You must realize that the entire process is extremely confidential and requires a lot of verifications in order to make sure of the authenticity of the information. Thus, sometimes it may take longer than the usual period of time.

After the verifications are officially over, you are sent a message on your registered phone number or acknowledgment is sent to you in your email. This assures you that the verification process is over, and it is only a matter of time that you receive the card by post. Sometimes, it may occur that you get no response from the other end and are kept waiting for information for a long time. Under such situations, the online system of checking the status of your Aadhar card comes to your rescue. You can check the status of your card by your name in the following way:

How to check UID status by name?

Go to the portal >

First of all, you need to go to the portal (Link provided above) and check out if you have the enrollment number with yourself. If you have any, it’s fine. It can be used to get the status; but even if you don’t have so, there are no such problems. You can obviously use your name to find the status of the Aadhar card and get an idea of how much more time it may need. You need to follow the following steps:

Firstly, enter your name
your address
your phone number
and the OTP you received on your phone

You will get the enrolment number
Now use this enrolment number to find your account and the status of your card. This may involve another process of entering an OTP
After you have received the status; you will be able to estimate how long you will need to get the card.

Always remember; there is nothing complicated about the process, all you need is to use your brain as you are instructed. This will ensure that you face no problem while you check out the present status of the Aadhar card.

How to link your Aadhar card with voter ID card

With the popularity and extensive use of Aadhar cards, the Government of India has taken up a bold step to link the Aadhar card to the voter card. At present, both of them serve as identity proofs. This is a welcome move from the perspective of fighting off corruption, as a lot of voter cards turn out to be fake during the process of election. The aim is to remove all the fraud details from the voter cards by a process of establishing a link between the voter card or the EPIC card (Electors Photo Identity Card) and the Aadhar card. Here is a detailed process of how this seeding takes place.

link your Aadhar card with voter ID card

What is seeding?

The term may seem a bit confusing to those who are unfamiliar with it, but it is a simple process which involves the connection between your voter card and the Aadhar card. Connecting the Aadhar card and the voter card have several advantages, and it comes handy during the polling sessions, when certain corrupt people take resort to unethical methods for manipulating the polls. Connecting the voter card to the Aadhar card ensures that all the fake details are ruled out and there is much more reality involved in the polling processes.

The procedure to link your Aadhar card with voter ID card

You can go for seeding in a number of ways, as follows: Through the portals: There are different websites and online portals that have been arranged by the State Governments. You need to go to these portals and get your necessary connections done. All you need for the purpose are

Your voter card number
Aadhar card number
registered mobile number
Through SMS: This is one of the simplest processes of seeding your Aadhar card and the voter card. As for the particulars, you need the same things as the portals.

Call centers have been established all over the states in order to serve the purpose of seeding. The executives talk to you over the phone, collect the details, verify them and connect. You will have to tell them the numbers of the two cards and the registered phone number.

National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP): This is the easiest process of getting the seeding done. In this method; you need to go to the website and get your Aadhar card connected to the voter card. The process is very simple and easy. You will need nothing more than the numbers of your voter card, Aadhar card and the registered mobile number. The greatest advantage of the process is that you need not need to waste your time talking to others.

After all, the process is innovative and useful. Often the voter cards turn up to be fake, but not the Aadhar card. Here lies the importance of seeding.

Get your e-Aadhar Card Password

You can get your Aadhar card with the e Aadhar system even before it arrives at you through the postal process. You must be well aware that the drive to make the Aadhar card available to all is in full swing in the country. The twelve digits unique identification code is meant for all, including the kids, and this is true, a welcome move on the part of the administrators. Since the population is too large to be tackled manually, the online system of availing the Aadhar card is available to all. Thus, one can get his e-Aadhar card much before the original card comes to his home by post.

What is Aadhar card Password

You can download your Aadhaar Card online at the web-link here: Once you download the E-Aadhaar, you will notice that it is a PDF file. This PDF file is password protected. The password to this E-Aadhaar PDF file is of 8 characters.

These 8 character password is a combination of the first four letters of your name written in CAPITAL letters (Name as mentioned in the Aadhaar card) and your Year of Birth (in YYYY format). The different variations of an E-Aadhaar card password are detailed below:

Example 1: Your name is MAHESH KUMAR 
Your Year of Birth is 1989
Then your E-Aadhaar password is MAHE1989
Example 2: Your name is RAM KUMAR
Your Year of Birth is 1989 
Then your E-Aadhaar password is RAMK1989
Example 3: Your name is R.M. KUMAR
Your Year of Birth is 1989 
Then your E-Aadhaar password is R.M.1989
Example 4: Your name is SAI 
Your Year of Birth is 1989 
Then your E-Aadhaar password is SAI1989

How to get the e-Aadhar card password

You can visit the online portal dedicated to providing you with the e-Aadhar card. Then you need to follow these simple steps to get the card in just a few click of the mouse.

Find the enrolment number, date, time, etc. from the Enrolment Acknowledgement Slip.
Enter them where required and also type your name and pin as per the previous records.
Click on the submit button.
In a new window that appears, you will find your registered phone number. If it is correct, press yes. If it is not, press no and there will be a new box where you can insert the existing phone number.
After you have entered the number, an OTP will be sent. You need to enter this code into the required box. If the code is entered correctly, you will find the download option from where you can avail your e-Aadhar card.
Please use your postal code as a password to open the E-Aadhaar pdf file.

Advantages of having the e-Aadhar card:

There are two main advantages of getting the e-Aadhar card.

Firstly, it is just a matter of a few minutes to get in touch with the important document. You need not wait for three or four months to get your Aadhar card. You will receive a text message as soon as the registration is complete. This message is the verification message which indicates that your Aadhar card is legally ready. It is just a matter of time to get them. But as soon as you get the message, you can avail the e-Aadhar card online instead of waiting for the postman for three months. Both of them have equal importance and validity. You may also need them as documents for certain purposes, and the e-Aadhar card will serve your purpose.

Secondly, you may need the Aadhar card more than once in case you happen to lose it. Losing other documents involves a lot of complicated legal processes, but when you are dealing with your Aadhar card, you are free from all the hassles. As a matter of fact, you can download the e-Aadhar card more than once. Thus, even if you lose it, it will take you just a few minutes to get it back through the online portals.

Thus, you must note that e-Aadhar card has made the process very simple and easy. You can handle the password yourself and make the necessary moves.

Online Aadhar card appointment: Easy guide

Aadhar Card appointment

Online Aadhar card registration is a simple process that anyone of you can perform. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can further learn through this video.

Follow these Easy Steps:

1. Click on the link or photo below to visit Aadhar Govt Website

Aadhar Card Online appointment

Step 2: Click on Postal(PIN) Code or Search Box, mark in red

how to get adhar card appointment

Step 3: Search your area using Ctrl + F or go throw all result

Step 4: Download your form

download aadhar card form
  • Click here to download the Form
  • Print your form
  • Fill it with all details
  • Visit the Adhar Center near you with the document mentioned in the form.
List of identity prooffor aadhar card enrollment.

To know more continue…

Tired of waiting in the queues for Aadhar card registration? don’t worry, we have good news for you. Now you can get online Aadhar card registration and it is totally free. This online portal system can serve any number of people at any given time without any hassle. Not just that, it will be available for all ages including kids. It is a convenient feature as you will not have to wait in queues at the office anymore. All you have to do is to get an appointment online and go to the office at the given time. You complete half the process online sitting at your house and as a result, save time, and skip the queue.

How to apply online for an appointment:-

To get a new Aadhar card, you need to keep all the necessary documents with you and apply for an appointment online. And, to get your appointment, you can follow this very simple process.

  1. Logon to the official website of the relating government authorities.
  2. Find the form for online Aadhar card appointment.
  3. Fill the form and choose the day and time of your comfort.
  4. Submit the file and you will get the confirmation of your appointment.

The important thing to note here is that you can not choose a time that is more than 30 days from the day you are setting the appointment. The confirmation of appointment depends on the areas sometimes. If you live in some prime place, it might take a little extra time for you to get your slot.

How to get your Aadhar card:-

  1. Once you have the online Aadhar card appointment, you need to fill the enrollment form. Enrollment forms are also available on the same website.
  2. Also, you need to submit your identity and address proofs. The authorities will approve your documents and call you for biometric data including your fingerprint and the iris scan.
  3. They will take your photo and keep it in records.
  4. After submitting all the documents you will get a confirmation slip. The slip will have 14 digit code. You can check the status of your Aadhar card through these 14 digit code.

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AEPS Aadhar Enabled Payment System

The financial transformation that the nation is going through will ensure that curbing of black money and strengthening the economy in the years to come. The government of India has been trying its level best in imposing restrictions on unaccounted transactions and has been taking frequent steps in implementing certain measures that can help in decreasing the flow of black money in the economy.

One such remarkable step taken by the government is designing and implementation of the AEPS Aadhar Enabled Payment System. Aadhar Enabled Payment System is a system through which a bank customer can authenticate his transactions by using his Aadhar card as his identity. Apart from using aadhar card for transactions like transfers, he/ she can also use use it for authentication while balance enquiry, cash deposits and withdrawals.

AEPS has been implemented by the Government of India for the fulfilment of the following objectives:

To accomplish the goal of GoI and RBI regarding Financial Inclusion of a big portion of the population.
let the banks to route the financial transactions which are authenticated by aadhar card through the clearing agency.
To step towards making Aadhar core of banking services.
To motivate the retailers to opt of electronic payments so as to keep a track of transactions.

AEPS – Aadhar Enabled Payment System lets the accounts linked with Aadhar number to be operated in any way and anytime through use of Micro ATMs. Such a system has been implemented to increase the transparency and authenticate the financial operations conducted by the customer for the following services:

Balance enquiry by the customer,
Fund transfer using Aadhar,
Cash withdrawals,
Cash deposits
It is to be noted that such services can be executed by the customer in both inter-bank and intra-bank transactions. Such unique move by the government might let people to doubt about the effectivness of the system but following are the benefits that people will get after the implementation of the system:

Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) will ensure unhindered inter-operability among banks.
No chances pf commitment of any sort f frauds as AEPS is based on biometric of the customer.
This model will let the government and banks to extend their reach to the remotest of the places across the country.
There are several banks that have implemented this system and many more are to join this campaign.

The list of banks that have implemented this system :

Central Bank of India,
State Bank of India,
Indian Overseas Bank,
Syndicate Bank,
Union Bank of India, etc.

You must also adopt this system and should contribute in the progress of the nation. If you haven’t tried transacting throuh this system then make sue that first fall you possess a UID not. Get your aadhar linked to your bank account and then; avail the benefits of Aadhar Enabled Payment System.

Check Adhar card status by name, mobile number, enrollment number, and date of birth

How to get Adhar Card Status using EID(Enrollment number)

Step 1: Visit Aadhar Official Website by clicking on this link: Aadhar Status Check

Adhar Status Check online

Step 2: Fill The details

  1. Enter your 14 Digit Enrollment Number which was given to you when you enrolled for adhar card. Usually, they give a receipt on which this number is printed.
  2. Enter time Data with time including second. Well if you don’t have seconds then you can try all 60 combination from 00 to 59.
  3. Enter the captcha
  4. Click of Submit the “Check Status Button”

Step 3: Download the Adhar Card

aadhaar status approved
  1. If all given details are correct, you will get congratulation and various option to download the Adhar Card.
    • Download it on your computer or mobile phone and print it out.
    • Or you can send the Adhar number on your mobile phone using the 2nd option.

How To get status using Mobile Number

Step 1: Sent SMS to 51969 with code “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>”

2: If Adhar Card Number is generated, you will get the Adhar Card number in your mobile by SMS.

3: If the application is still in process, you will get the current status of the application. Wait for few more days.

Read moreCheck Adhar card status by name, mobile number, enrollment number, and date of birth

Link Aadhaar card with ICICI bank account

How to Link adhar card with ICICI bank account online

It has become a mandatory affair for all the banks to collect the aadhaar number of its customer. The Reserve Bank of India has made it a rule for the banks that any transaction done by the bank should include the details of the aadhaar number of its customers. Thus, the facility of linking aadhaar card with the ICCI bank for an online bank account is also provided online. No extra charges are levied by the ICCI bank. The linking of the aadhaar card is done free of cost. If you possess a bank account in one of the branches of ICCI bank, then you can easily link your adhar card. This is done to make your life easy in the future.

Link Aadhaar Card with ICICI Bank

There are two ways available by which you can link your aadhaar card with the ICCI bank account, and it can be done by offline mode and online mode. I have stated the steps for both of the mode in a proper manner so that you can get acquainted with the system easily.

Steps to follow to link your aadhaar card number with the ICCI bank account via online mode is given below:

The total process is very easy for all the users, and you just need to carry some important documents with you before you begin with the online procedures.

You need to get to the website of the ICCI bank
Then, log in to your ICCI online bank account using the user ID and the password
Click on the tab customer service, and then select a service request, and then continues to bank account service request.
In the bank account, a service request click on the account details, then go to the modification-related index
Then finally choose the request for updating aadhaar number in a savings account
Enter the aadhaar card details and click on the submit button
This is the most simplest way to link your aadhaar card details to your ICCI bank account

Link Aadhaar Card with ICICI Bank Account Offline by Visiting The Branch

There is a number of account holders such as senior citizens, specially-abled people, etc. who are not proficient in using the internet or mobile phones. They can follow these steps and visit the branch to link Aadhar with ICICI Bank accounts:

  • Visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch
  • Request for “Stay Connected” at the helpdesk
  • Fill details in the form such as your customer ID, account number, etc.
  • In point (E), write your 12-digit Aadhaar number
  • Attach a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar
  • Submit the form along with the original Aadhaar card
  • The executive will return the receipt and original Aadhaar after verification
  • Your Aadhaar will be linked with your bank account successfully

All customers have to link their ICICI Bank accounts with Aadhaar before the deadline ends as bank accounts of defaulters will be deactivated till they link it with Aadhar card.

Adhar Card

आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करना है

UIDAI की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाकर अथवा अपने मोबाइल से sms भेज कर बड़ी सरलता के साथ आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक किआ जा सकता है। आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करने के दोनों ही तरीके सरल और कम समय में करने योग्य है।

आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक

आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करना है ?
आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) ऑनलाइन चेक करने के प्रक्रिया।
अगर आप को आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करना है तो निचे दिए गए कदम लेने पड़ेगे।

सबसे पहले UIDAI की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट( को खोलिए ।
दायी ओर निचे की तरफ “Aadhar Services” अनुभाग जिसमे “Enrolment / Download E-aadhaar / Update” के लिंक पर क्लिक करे।
लिंक पर क्लिक करने के बाद “Aadhaar Kiosk” नाम का एक पेज खुलेगा जिसमे विभिन्न विकल्प जैसे updation, status checks और Aadhaar enrollment प्रदर्शित हो रहे होंगे।
इन विकल्पो में से आप को बाई ओर जिसमे Check “Aadhaar Status” लिखा हो उसे चुनना होगा।
विकल्प को चुनने के बाद एक पेज खुलेगा जिसमे आप अपना आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक कर सकते है।
निचे दी गयी जानकारी की सहायता से आपको फॉर्म में खली जगह भरनी है जिसके बाद आप बड़ी ही आसानी के साथ अपना आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक कर सकते है।
Enrolment ID – अपना Enrolment ID जो कि EID(1234/12345/12345) फॉर्मेट में होगा उसे भरे।
इस प्रकार अगर आप को आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करना है तो ऊपर दिए गए बिन्दुओ तो ध्यान से प्रयास करे |

Date and Time – तारीख और समय (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) फॉर्मेट में भरे।
Security Code – ऊपर दिए गए चित्र में जो कोड प्रदर्शित हो रहा हो उसे इस जगह में लिखे।
फॉर्म को भरने के बाद निचे दिए गए बटन जिसपर ‘Check Status’ लिखा हुआ हो उसपर क्लिक कर के अपना आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) ऑनलाइन स्टेटस प्राप्त करे।
Enrolment ID नंबर क्या होता है ?
यदि आपको अपना Enrolment ID नहीं मालूम है तोह आप उसे अपने एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म से ज्ञात कर सकते है। अपने एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म में सबसे ऊपर एक 14 अंको वाला नंबर मिलेगा जो की आपका Enrolment ID नंबर होगा जिसके साथ उसका दिन एवं समय प्रदर्शित होगा।

Enrolment विवरण के साथ और बिना कैसे आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करे?
आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) स्टेटस के आवेदन की काफी सरल प्रक्रिया होती है। UIDAI ने आम नागरिको के लिए काफी सरल प्रक्रिया बना रक्खी है जिसमे अगर आप के पास अपना अभिस्वीकृति जानकारी हो या नहीं। पहले के दिनों में आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करना अत्यंत कठिन हुआ करता था, पर आज कल यह अत्यंत सरल है।

पावती विवरण (Acknowledgement Details) के साथ आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करने की प्रक्रिया
यदि आप के पास पावती विवरण (Acknowledgement Details) है तो आप नीचे दिए गए चरणों का पालन करके अपना आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक कर सकते है।

अपने कंप्यूटर पर UIDAI की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट खोलें।
वेबसाइट के पेज के निचले दाएं तरफ एक लिंक दिखेगी जिसमे ‘Aadhaar Services‘ लिखा हुआ होगा।
लिंक को क्लिक करे तथा Aadhaar Kiosk पेज पर जाये जहा पर आपको आधार सम्बंधित काफी सरे लिंक्स मिलेंगे। अब आप ‘Get Aadhaar’ में जाये जिसमे ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ ऑप्शन मिलेगा।
‘Check Aadhaar Status’ ऑप्शन का चुनाव करे।
अब एक और पेज खुलेगा जिसमे एक अलग से मैसेज आएगा जिसमे ढेरो बॉक्स होंगे, जिसे भर कर आप आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक कर सकते है।
आपको आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करने के लिए (*) से mark सभी बॉक्स को भरना होगा।
सभी बॉक्स को भरने के बाद आप ‘Check Status’ बटन पर क्लिक कर के अपना आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक कर सकते है।
पावती विवरण (Acknowledgement Details) के बिना आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक करने की प्रक्रिया
अगर अपको अपना पावती विवरण (Acknowledgement Details) याद नहीं अथवा आपका पावती विवरण (Acknowledgement Details) गम हो गया तो आप नीचे दिए गए चरणों का पालन करके अपना आधार कार्ड(Adhar Card) चेक कर सकते है।

अपने कंप्यूटर पर UIDAI की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट खोलें।
नीचे स्क्रॉल करके ‘Aadhaar Services’ लिंक पर क्लिक करे।

  • अगले पेज पर आपको एक बटन मिलेगा जिसपर ‘Find UID/EID’ लिखा होगा जो की बाई तरफ चौथे अस्थान पर मिलेगा। उस बटन पर क्लिक करे।
    अगर आपको अपना Enrolment नंबर कहियए तो आपको ‘Enrolment No (EID)’ ऑप्शन का चुनाव करना होगा।
    निर्देशित पेज में आपको एक Form मिलेगा जिसमे अपको अपना व्यक्तिगत विवरण और Email लिखना होगा।
    सिक्योरिटी कोड जो के ऊपर फोटो में Visible हो उसे लिखना होगा।
    अंततः Get OTP’ बटन पर क्लिक करे।
    क्लिक करने के बाद जो फोन नंबर अपने भरा हुआ होगा उस पर एक OTP आएगा, आप उस OTP को निचे बॉक्स में भर कर ‘Verify OTP’ पर क्लिक करे।
    आप अपना आधार एनरोलमेंट नंबर अपने Email पर अथवा Mobile पैर मैसेज द्रारा प्राप्त करेंगे।