How to link your Aadhar card with voter ID card

With the popularity and extensive use of Aadhar cards, the Government of India has taken up a bold step to link the Aadhar card to the voter card. At present, both of them serve as identity proofs. This is a welcome move from the perspective of fighting off corruption, as a lot of voter cards turn out to be fake during the process of election. The aim is to remove all the fraud details from the voter cards by a process of establishing a link between the voter card or the EPIC card (Electors Photo Identity Card) and the Aadhar card. Here is a detailed process of how this seeding takes place.

link your Aadhar card with voter ID card

What is seeding?

The term may seem a bit confusing to those who are unfamiliar with it, but it is a simple process which involves the connection between your voter card and the Aadhar card. Connecting the Aadhar card and the voter card have several advantages, and it comes handy during the polling sessions, when certain corrupt people take resort to unethical methods for manipulating the polls. Connecting the voter card to the Aadhar card ensures that all the fake details are ruled out and there is much more reality involved in the polling processes.

The procedure to link your Aadhar card with voter ID card

You can go for seeding in a number of ways, as follows: Through the portals: There are different websites and online portals that have been arranged by the State Governments. You need to go to these portals and get your necessary connections done. All you need for the purpose are

Your voter card number
Aadhar card number
registered mobile number
Through SMS: This is one of the simplest processes of seeding your Aadhar card and the voter card. As for the particulars, you need the same things as the portals.

Call centers have been established all over the states in order to serve the purpose of seeding. The executives talk to you over the phone, collect the details, verify them and connect. You will have to tell them the numbers of the two cards and the registered phone number.

National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP): This is the easiest process of getting the seeding done. In this method; you need to go to the website and get your Aadhar card connected to the voter card. The process is very simple and easy. You will need nothing more than the numbers of your voter card, Aadhar card and the registered mobile number. The greatest advantage of the process is that you need not need to waste your time talking to others.

After all, the process is innovative and useful. Often the voter cards turn up to be fake, but not the Aadhar card. Here lies the importance of seeding.

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