How to check adhar card status through SMS on Mobile

A new initiative taken by the Government of India aims to bring all the citizens of India under a Unique Identification code. The adhar Card is an idea that helps to provide for an Identity and a residential proof for all the citizens of India, residing anywhere in India. Government of India aims to make the adhar number as the social identification number that is prevalent in the western countries. The adhar card will include a bar code where all the necessary information to the individual will be stored. The adhar number will be generated by collecting the biometric prints and retina scan images of the individual citizen. The government of India.

Government of India has already started the process of enrolling people for the adhar card. The enrolling process has been initiated in several states across India. The process is initiated in phases varying across specific locations all around India. The phase structure has been initiated on behalf of Government of India to reach out every remote location of India. . The application for an adhar card is available online as well as offline. Currently, the offline enrolling process is carried out by the appointed officials who are carrying out the process in various districts of the Indian states. The adhar card is despatched directly to the residential address as given on the enrolment form. The adhar card is delivered to the residential address by ordinary government post.

aadhar card status via sms

Upon application, the status of the adhar card can be checked online and through SMS on mobile devices. The status of the adhar card can be availed on mobile phones through some very simple steps. No internet connection is required for the mobile devices. The telecom industry has provided the helping hand to reach out to the citizens of India. To obtain the adhar card status through SMS, you need to send a message to a desired number. A quick reply comes in the inbox folder of the mobile phones. A standard amount is charged by your telecom service provider, and no other external charges are applicable.

UDAI service is the name given to the process of obtaining adhar card status through SMS on mobile phones. On the generation of your adhar card, the adhar card number will also be included in the SMS.

Follow these simple steps to get the adhar card status through SMS on mobile
Go to the messaging folder on your mobile device
Choose the option of the create new message
Type UID STATUS, then space and write the 14 digit enrolment number
Send the message to 51969
An example is given below

If the adhar card enrolment number is 2090/16213/03189, then type

UID STATUS 20901621303189 to 51969

Please don’t forget to remove the “/” from the 14 digit enrolment number before sending the message.

The first and second phase for enrolment has already finished in the states where the government has taken this initiative. People from different states who have completed enrolling have already received their adhar number as well as the card.

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