Check Adhar card status by name, mobile number, enrollment number, and date of birth

How to get Adhar Card Status using EID(Enrollment number)

Step 1: Visit Aadhar Official Website by clicking on this link: Aadhar Status Check

Adhar Status Check online

Step 2: Fill The details

  1. Enter your 14 Digit Enrollment Number which was given to you when you enrolled for adhar card. Usually, they give a receipt on which this number is printed.
  2. Enter time Data with time including second. Well if you don’t have seconds then you can try all 60 combination from 00 to 59.
  3. Enter the captcha
  4. Click of Submit the “Check Status Button”

Step 3: Download the Adhar Card

aadhaar status approved
  1. If all given details are correct, you will get congratulation and various option to download the Adhar Card.
    • Download it on your computer or mobile phone and print it out.
    • Or you can send the Adhar number on your mobile phone using the 2nd option.

How To get status using Mobile Number

Step 1: Sent SMS to 51969 with code “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>”

2: If Adhar Card Number is generated, you will get the Adhar Card number in your mobile by SMS.

3: If the application is still in process, you will get the current status of the application. Wait for few more days.

In this article, we would be sharing with you how you can check Aadhar card status by name, mobile number, enrollment number, and date of birth. The availability of Aadhar card is being made increasingly easy with the online desk coming to play a crucial role. The Unique Identification Authority of India has made the reach of Aadhar card widespread over the internet.

Since it is an important document, you must apply for it at the earliest. The entire process of applying for an Aadhar card receiving it by post takes around three to four months. This is a highly confidential process and requires much verification for successfully obtaining the details.

The most refined facilities bring you the opportunity to show you the status of your Aadhar card while it is still under process. This will give you an idea of how long you would require getting it at your home.

How to check Aadhar card status by name, mobile number, enrollment number and date of birth

Check Adhar Card Status
Check aadhar card status

Just after your particulars have been verified and the officials are assured that they are genuine, you will receive a text message about the acknowledgment of your registered phone number. You can also get it on your email.

However, sometimes you may not receive any verification or acknowledgment response from the other end. In such cases, you will need to check the status of your Aadhar card online. The process is indeed complicated and needs a lot of verification, and the confidential process sometimes takes more than the required time.

In such cases, you need not worry much as there is always the option of checking the present status of your Aadhar card over the internet. You just need a few clicks to know the present status of your card and get an approximate idea about how much more time it may consume to get the document in your hand.

Thus, in these cases, you need to go to the page for checking the status and need the following information:

14 digit enrollment number: You must use the 14 digit enrollment number to check out the present status of your Aadhar card.This is the foremost information that may be required, and you must be careful enough not to lose it at any cost.

The date and time of enrollment: You can also use the date and time of enrollment as a useful information to know the present status of your card. Once you enter the related information, the system checks out the relevant information available and inform you about the present status.

Your name: Your name also comes handy while checking out the present status of your Aadhar card.

Your mobile number: You cannot register for your Aadhar card without your mobile number at any cost and this too, is necessary for determining the current status of your Aadhar card.

Check Aadhar card status link >

Then you have to type the code which will appear on the screen. You should follow the instructions which appear on the screen and at last, you will be able to see the present status of your Aadhar card. The process is easy, simple and convenient. You will face the least hitch while you check out the status.

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