Adhar card address change online & offline form and process

Adhar card address changes online: You may either be an adhar cardholder or maybe soon holding an adhar card as the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is making all the efforts to make them available to all the people of the country. It is a unique twelve-digit code and every citizen of the country, irrespective of age, sex and origin are supposed to get an adhar card. However, the personal details in the adhar card may need to be changed or edited. You can also change your address on the adhar card in an easy and simple way. There are three main occasions due to which the address in your adhar card may require some change. These are:

Technical errors
Human errors
Residential changes
adhar card address change

Technical errors may include faulty printing of your address or any mistake regarding your address which occurs due to technical reasons.

Mistakes while noting the personal details may result in human errors, leading to the printing of faulty information in your adhar card.

You may also need to change your address when you shift your location from one place to another. This type of change is not uncommon. You may be transferred to your job from one city to another. You may also have other reasons to change the address. Whatever the case may be, a change in address in your adhar card needs to be paid the due attention and you may avail of any of the two options in order to get the necessary changes done.

Methods of changing your address of the adhar card:

You can go to the online portal and access your account to make the changes
You can change the address using the postal form
Online Process:

The online process is not only easy and simple but also requires less time. You can follow the following steps to get adhar card address change online

Step 1: You will need your mobile number to log into your adhar account. Click on this link > (

Step 2: After you update the latest information, you have to upload the proper address proof and in this case, you may use the scanned copies of the address proofs. The list of the documents that you can use as address proofs >> Click here

Step 3: You will have to wait for a call for verification.

Aadhar card address changes offline process (Postal Form Process):

You can go for the postal process if you face any difficulty in availing of the online process.

1: Fill up the option for an address in the adhar card update or correction form and sigh it.

Note: You can download the adhar card correction form here >

2: Send the relevant documents regarding the proof for an address. You need to send the present address proof.

The list of the documents that you can use as address proofs >> Click here

3: Both the regional language and English will be used to fill-up the form.

4: Mention your unique number of the adhar card.

5: Do not forget to write on the envelope write Aadhaar Update/Correction.

6: Send it to the postal address given below:

Address 1

Post Box No. 10,
Madhya Pradesh – 480001,

Address 2

Post Box No. 99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,

After the necessary verifications are done, you will get the updated adhar card for your use. The process is very easy and simple for you.

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