[Simple Steps] How to get aadhar card by post?

How to get aadhar card by post?| Aadhar card correction | aadhar card download 

If there is some error or mistake in your Aadhar Card details you can get it corrected or rectified. The process to correct the mistakes of Aadhar details is pretty easy and simple; you can either update Aadhar Card Online or Update Aadhar Card Offline by sending the correction form with supporting documents via Post.

Both methods will work to get your Aadhar Card details to get fixed; once you place a request to correct your Aadhar Card Details Online or offline via post it takes 10 to 15 days.

So now the main query starts here is whether you will get your Hard Copy of Aadhar Card after Update? Or How to get Hard Copy of Aadhar Card after Update.

Yes, you will get Aadhar Card by post only if you have requested to update your name, date of birth, gender, and address. And if in case you have not requested to update any details you will not get Aadhar Card by post.

Once the update request gets processed an SMS will receive on your registered mobile number; with a message“your update request has been processed successfully”; now, you can download the Updated e-Aadhaar Card Copy Online and if needed take a printout.

E-Aadhar Card downloaded Copy Online will be accepted everywhere without any questions as the Physical Aadhar Card Hard Copy is accepted which is sent via post.

Those who had requested to update your name, date of birth, gender, and address, they will get Aadhar Card by post in hard copy after 3 to 6 months.

Below is the process which will shows how to download updated e-Aadhar Card Copy Online.

Download Updated e-Aadhar PDF Copy Online

To download your updated e-Aadhar Card Copy from your web browser:

  • Visit Official Website.
  • Just select I have Enrolment ID or Aadhar Number; enter the enrolment id mentioned in the Aadhar Acknowledgement copy provided to you after the correction request.
  • Enter the Aadhar Number then your Full Name, Pin Code, solve the captcha, enter mobile number and hit on OTP.
  • You will instantly receive OTP on your registered mobile number; just enter the OTP field and click on validate and download.
  • If you have entered all the details correctly as you had provided while updating your Aadhar Card; then your Aadhar Card PDF File will start downloading.
  • Just open the e-Aadhar Card PDF File by entering your pin code and take a print out of it.

Link Aadhar Card to property

Note:- Link aadhar card to property registration is compulsory

One of the reasons for many disputes in property is vague land titles. For many years, people have been using manual records. One thing with these manual records is that the documentation is not proper. The land plots have also gone through many people, and it is hard to know the owners. The problems between the owners and legal hires become worse with these.

There is a reformist attempt to, E-registration. This is for the very first time also we have the Land Registration Act of 2002. The traditional terms are now not there because now e-registration is a must from 2015.

Aadhar Card sets priority over traditional methods of identity verification

When you consider the current results, it has now become possible to link the Aadhar to e-registration websites. This helps in confirming the identity and also for other kinds of transactions like leave agreement. These are words that the CEO, (UIDAI) Ajay Ghushan Pandey said.

When the linking of Aadhar card is through, there is no ore waiting. You have to register your property now, keep a tab, and make the necessary changes.

It is even better to get registration from homes without traveling. Though you must have two witnesses and their biometric information should be precise and transparent.

Property Registration Act Amendment

The post demonetization, RERA, and GST, the Indian government is now frolicking smartly. Now the government wishes to section 32 and 32 A of the registration Act. This is where every person will have to undergo Aadhar Registration.

The finance minister, Arun Jaitley, said that “We need to set an example to create a deterrent against the use of unknown people to hide ill-gotten assets. Amid some politicians and their family members are coming under the scanner for alleged ‘benami’ deals. This is the right time to seize properties of those that use others to get wealth.”

When you consider the high authorities that are working under the Aadhar card, the buyers and the sellers are all supposed to have a valid Aadhar number before property registration.

This procedure of linking Aadhar card property registration is already underway in all states. According to this system, all the local authorities will go through the documents given online. Then cross-check with those supposed to be lined up with unique Aadhar number.

All sub-registrar offices have a connection to the central Aadhar server. This makes it even simple for the registrar to get valuable information at the time of property registration.

Link Aadhar card to property registration is by biometric technique, and then the property is transferred to the buyer by entering their details and a unique ID.

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