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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has made a drive to make the Aadhar card available to all the residents of the country. The Aadhar card number is a unique code of twelve digits. You may already be holding an Aadhar card or may soon apply for it. A point to be noted, Aadhar cards are meant for all the residents of a country, from children to old people. Holding of an Aadhar card has its advantages too. You can avail the simple way to get in touch with the Aadhar card. All you need to do is to download aadhar card online, fill it up and apply for your Aadhar card. Here are a few simple steps to guide you about how to download the Aadhar card form online.

aadhar card application form download

Aadhar card form download online process

It is an easy and simple process to download Aadhar card form online and submit them to the centers. You should note that the entire process is absolutely free and you will not be charged any money for the entire process.

Link to download aadhar card form online > http://uidai.gov.in/images/uid_download/enrolment_form.pdf

  • In order to download the Aadhar card form online, you just need to go to the website and choose the link which will enable you to download the form.
  • You can choose your convenient language too when you download the form online. You will need to fill up the form in two languages. You will have to fill it up in English as well as your regional language. There are a lot of options for the regional languages and you will be able to choose them when you download them online.
  • The reason why English is used as the language of all the people is that it is widely accepted. People all over the country must have a common language in order to communicate and in order to ensure easy communication with regard to the Aadhar card, you have to pick English as one of your languages.
  • A great advantage of downloading it online is that you will be saved from going to the centre yourself and collect the form. You can simply get it on the internet. After downloading it, you have to fill up the particulars and then go to your local centre to submit it, the fingerprints and other specifications will be held there itself. This will save a lot of your valuable time.

After all, the entire process is friendly to you and even the people who are not familiar with the internet will find it easy. The cause of making the form available online is that maximum people are to be made available to the Aadhar card in the least possible time. As a matter of fact, an Aadhar card centres are often found to be overcrowded. In a bid to make your task hassle free and easy going, you are now able to get in touch with the forms online. The process is simple and you will find no difficulty in getting them online.

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  1. i have no found aadhar card by post.

  2. ratan kundanlal sudhar says:

    Name and photo chang
    Ratan kundanlal suthar

  3. ajayawana says:

    missing my aadhar card

  4. aadhar number :3952 5413 2403

  5. A. Gangadri says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please send me my update Aadhaar Card immidiatley,


    1. A. Gangadri says:

      Dear Sir,

      A. Gangadri
      My Aadhaar No- 670702267335
      Andra pradesh

  6. vikash agarwal says:

    hellow sir i lost my aadhar card…….

    1. Admin says:

      YOu can download aadhar card online

  7. No Aadhaar downloding no from

    1. Vill.Baboori; post.Baboora Tah.Nawabganj Distt.Bareilly ( U.P)

  8. dinesh singh sani says:

    I lost my aadher card .what can I do.

    1. Admin says:

      You can use eaadhar card or download it from eaadhar website

  9. sanjeev giri says:

    आधार कार्ड नहीं आया है

    1. Ajad Ali says:

      Aadhar avilabal now

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  11. mera adhar card nhi mil pa Raha h Please koi madat karo

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